Kim Khanh Maritine Company Limited is a company specializing in comprehensive service of providing maritime industries such as provision, equipment, repair, crew change, ship agency, forwarding agents Import Export, Added fiduciary …Company was established in July 2009 anh rooted network development activities throughout Vietnam.

We connect – We succeed

We are suppliers of professional excellence and for the international ocean shipping lines: English, German, U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, India …

We genuinely hope you will be delighted when experiencing Kim Khanh Marine’s maritime services in Vietnam. We value every order, no matter how small.

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Offers comprehensive ship agency services

Carries out ship repair services

Our ship repair services are carried out by engineers and certified welders who are rigorously selected and approved by international classification societies within the IACS Class Society, including DNV Class and Nk Class. We also handle spare-part transit shipments to vessels (please refer to our profile and accompanying certificates).

Supplies high-quality food.

Supplies high-quality food, certified by the Food Safety Bureau of Vietnam’s government, before delivery to vessels.

Provides provision DO/FO oil, oil sludge treatment, and oil residue collection services.

Offers cleaning and waste disposal services.

Our Ship Cleaning department operates with a specialized and experienced team dedicated to ship cleaning. We combine knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results in ship cleaning.

Assists in visa processing.


We are not just partners to shipowners; we also take our responsibility to provide satisfaction seriously, whether it’s shipowners or catering services that choose to collaborate with us. We hope that through our work, we can contribute to enhancing your affection for our country and its people.

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