About Us

First and foremost, we extend our warm greetings to your esteemed customers and all your company’s maritime personnel. We wish you a productive and pleasant working day.

We are deeply honored that you have taken the time to explore and visit the company page of Kim Khanh Marine.

Kim Khanh Marine is a specialized maritime company operating in various aspects of international maritime affairs in Vietnam:

  • We offer comprehensive ship agency services.
  • We supply ship stores in compliance with ISSA/IMPA standards (All our products are genuine and customized to meet the practical requirements of shipowners and seafarers on board).
  • Our ship repair services are carried out by rigorously selected engineers and certified welders approved by international classification societies in the IACS Class Society, such as DNV Class and Nk Class. We also handle spare-part transit shipments to vessels (please refer to our profile and accompanying certificates).
  • We provide complete representation for EU and G7 shipowners when operating in Vietnam.

In 2022, we acted as a consultant for commercial negotiations for Germany, overseeing the docking of 7 vessels (MV Hansa Corburg, MV Hansa Duburg, MV Hansa Wolfburg, MV Hansa Bitburg, Mv Hansa Augsburg, MV Calandra, MV Hansa Harburg) at the Dung Quat shipyard, the largest in Vietnam, with the most cost-effective solution.

  • We handle transit shipment services for international and domestic vessels within 24 hours.
  • We supply high-quality food, certified by the Food Safety Bureau of Vietnam’s government, before delivery to vessels.
  • Provision DO/FO oil, oil sludge treatment, and oil residue collection services.
  • We offer cleaning and waste disposal services.
  • We assist in visa processing for shipowners, supervisors, technicians, and crew members sign on/of foreign vessels for work for up to 48 hours.
  • We cover other necessary vessel-related services.

Kim Khanh Marine was established in 2009. We have earned the trust of German, Japanese, Indian shipowners, and more. In Vietnam, we have become the most reliable supplier of goods that meet quality standards, ensuring timeliness, adherence to schedules, and the promotion of ethical business practices.

We are not just partners to shipowners; we also take our responsibility to provide satisfaction seriously, whether it’s shipowners or catering services that choose to collaborate with us. We hope that through our work, we can contribute to enhancing your affection for our country and its people.

Choosing Kim Khanh Marine in Vietnam means you won’t have to worry about cost, quantity, product quality, repairs, shipments, and other related issues. Just appoint us as your representative in Vietnam, and there are no brokerage fees with any units in Vietnam. Additionally, you can enjoy competitive discounts when contacting us.

Our strengths lie in competitive pricing, a diverse range of quality maritime products, and a 10% VAT exemption for all imported supplies and shipments for vessels registered in foreign nations when operating domestically.

Any challenges or difficulties your company faces will be addressed swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively by our professional maritime team in Vietnam.

We genuinely hope you will be delighted when experiencing Kim Khanh Marine’s maritime services in Vietnam. We value every order, no matter how small.

Please feel free to reach out to us at

  • kkmarine@kimkhanhmarine.com,
  • technical@kimkhanhmarine.com.

Our company is here to serve and respond to your emails 24/7.

Your esteemed company does not need to make any advance payments or deposits for any costs with us. All services will be settled within 30 days when our accounting department sends payment receipts.

If there is any inconvenience, we hope your company can overlook it, and we are always looking forward to hearing positive news from your side.

We wish your esteemed customers health and well-being at all times.