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Kim Khanh Marine was founded in 2009 as the first company for ship repair and conversion in Vietnam. Through many years of development, we have cooperated and provided ship repair services to many Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Ship Operators at every ports and anchorages in Vietnam.

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Kim Khanh Marine provides the best ship repair services

The ship repair services that we provide are always trusted by customers and receive great reviews such as:

Steel plate repair or renewal for emergency temporary or permanent repairs

We provide steel plate repair services at any port as well as any anchorage in Vietnam. We provide the best, safest and most effective solution and service to repair and replace damaged hulls temporarily or permanently to ensure the progress of the ship’s work.

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We have a team of experienced and highly certified welding engineers in Vietnam who are always ready to provide steel plate repair service for you at any time when your ship needs it.

Repairs/ overhauling/ recondition Main Engines, Auxiliaries Engines, Pumps, Winches, Cranes, Hydraulic Systems…etc.

Our team of engineers have many years of experience working on many different types of ships. We are confident that we can repair any type of engine or machinery on any ship at any port or berth in Vietnam.

We also own a large-scale workshop, full of advanced technological equipment to support the repair, maintenance and maintenance of engines and machines.

Electrical works such as rewinding electric motors, Troubleshooting of Electric Shipboard System…etc.

Electrical power is crucial to operating the many equipment on each vessel. Are you looking for a partner with experienced electrical engineers to perform maintenance, maintenance and repair of generators and electric motors for your ship?

We provide the fastest and most efficient repair and maintenance services for electric motor generators at all ports and anchorages in Vietnam. Please contact us as soon as you need at any place and at any time when your ship calls in Vietnam.

Repair/ troubleshooting Refrigeration system and provision cooling system.

Maintenance and repair of cooling systems and refrigeration systems is one of the typical products and services of our company.

With many highly skilled engineers and long-term experience, along with a wide coverage throughout Vietnam, all ships that need repair at any port or anchorage in Vietnam will be provided by us. service quickly and best.

Pipelines repair and renewal.

We provide repair or replacement services for all types of pipeline on deck or engine room. With a team of professional engineers, fully provided with advanced certificates in welding and cutting, we are always ready to solve problems and problems related to pipeline of deck or engine room at all port and all anchorages in Vietnam.

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We also have a workshop with the most up-to-date and advanced fabrication equipment to be able to fabricate pipelines to the exacting specifications with your ship.

Overhauling Turbocharger and Dynamic Balancing

We provide inspection, maintenance and servicing services for all types of turbochargers and dynamic balancing in all regions of Vietnam. We have state-of-the-art working equipment and a team of experienced engineers who are always ready to perform your required overhaul.

Navigation services such as: Annual inspection/survey service, Calibrate Adjusting Magnetic compass, Radar service, MF/HF service, VDR/SVDR service…etc.

In addition to the main engine bay services, we also provide a wide range of other quality marine services to best serve your ship’s journey. We are always ready to serve you any service you require.

We can provide every services at all ports and all anchorages in Vietnam.

We are always proud to meet any requirements that our partners put forward and receive a lot of praise and trust from them. Our customers always appreciate our agility and work efficiency because we have work coverage all over the country.

What do our services include?

– Steel Renewal
– Pipe Fabrication-Renewal
– Boiler Repairs
– Hydraulic System Inspection & Repairs
– Crane Repairs
– Fire Alarm System
– Ship’s Outfitting
– Main Engine Overhaul
– Turbocharger & Governors
– Insulation Renewal
– Cargo Tank Cleaning & Gas Free
– Electrical Motors & Alternators
– (IWS) Diver Service
– Diving Operations
– Load Tests & Certification
– NDT Service
– ICCP system
– Rudder Repairing
– Shaft & Propeller Repairing
– Laser Alignment
– Pest Control
– Magnetic Compass Service
– Accommodation Renewal
– 3D mapping (Faro Focus 3D x 130)

Contact Kim Khanh Marine Services: You will receive marine services or ship repair services very quickly, efficiently and at the most reasonable prices.

We will be at your ship at every ports or anchorages in Vietnam and provide you with the best marine services or ship repair services, or and whatever service you need with the fastest speed, the smoothest and most efficient work and the most reasonable price.

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