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Sea transportation is developing quickly during the last 20 years in South East Asia even though meeting crisis in 1997 and 2008. Big quantity and high quality of crewmembers from South East Asia is playing a very important role on worldwide sea transportation.

Petroleum explorations and exploitations at sea also require a qualified labour force and South East Asian countries also contribute a large numbers of qualified workers.

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Vietnam with its 3000 km coast and on the sea routes between East and West as well as intra-asian routes has the advantage for manning services at sea. ”KimKhanh Services” starts and will do with all efforts to become a leading company on.

  • Introducing Indonesian, Malaysian, Philippino seamen to Vietnamese and foreign-flagged vessels using ”KimKhanh Services” as a crew agency.
  • Introducing Vietnamese seamen to foreign market.
  • Crew change services in Vietnam with A to Z arrangements such as formalities, accomodations, domestic transport, airticketing…
  • Providing offshore seamen and workers.

Vietnam has more than 50 international seaports spreading from North (Quang Ninh, HaiPhong…), Central (CuaLo, ChanMay, Danang, QuiNhon, NhaTrang…) to South (VungTau, Saigon, CanTho…) and international airports such as NoiBai (Hanoi Capital), CatBi (Haiphong), Hue, Danang, TanSonNhat (HoChiMinh City) … can be used as convenient hubs for crew change services with connections with worldwide departures and destinations.

Operating a good hotel and a convenient office near HoChiMinh City port and TanSonNhat airport, our ”KimKhanh Services” will save a lot of money for principals, customers and seamen when changing, disembarking, embarking crewmembers in Vietnam.

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”KimKhanh Services” would like to contact crew agents and manning agents in Asean countries to develop the services on the basis of mutual benefits.

crew change disembarking courtesy of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.b348c8

Crew Change is an essential procedure in the maritime industry, allowing seafarers to transition on and off ships based on predetermined schedules set by shipping companies. It primarily happens when a seafarer’s contract comes to an end. Within this process, there are two key terms to understand:

  • On Signer: This refers to the crew members joining a ship to begin their contracted duties.
  • Off Signer: This pertains to the crew members completing their contract and disembarking from the ship, making way for the next batch of seafarers.

Therefore, it’s crucial for ship crew providers to collaborate with local shipping agencies in the respective Crew Change locations. This partnership guarantees smooth transitions and efficient processes for all involved parties.

ship crew change

We Always Focus On Effectiveness And Efficiency

We’re very adaptive to changes and suggestions. Contact us if you need tailored service. By default, these are our Service Processes.


Prepare personal documents for each Crew On/Off Signer used for administration to enter Vietnam.


Coordinate with the Ship Captain to find out the location and estimate the ship arrival at the port.


Knowing the estimated trip that will be taken from the port/airport to the location of stay.


Ordering flight tickets for crew who don’t have tickets yet


Prepare transportation and lodging accommodation and pick up from the port/airport to the crew’s accommodation location


Deliver On Signer Crew to Port and Off Signer Crew to Airport

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